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I have been skiing 7 times and have been to 3 separate French resorts, so I know all about skiing. Victoria and many other secondary schools go on skiing trips to France and everyone seems to enjoy it.

 Here are my favourite two resorts:-

 La Plagne is a great resort Ė if you know the way to the slopes. It can be hard for new skiers to get to the slopes because of the way the lifts are situated, but it is a lovely resort. It is great for family groups because it has a little town with some nice shops, where those people who donít ski can look for souvenirs to give to their friends at home, or postcards to send to their families. Crystal is the tour company I took to all my French escapades and it is quite quick.

 Alpe DíHuez is my favourite skiing resort of all and it is great for the new skier because it has plenty of really good slopes for beginners and the best slopes ever (and I should know). I have only skied there three times and have thoroughly enjoyed myself every time. So has my humorous brother and sisters. It is brilliant for non skiers too because there is a nice pool and a sports centre and it is a massive town with lots and lots of shops.



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