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Some snakes have developed poison as a means of catching prey, unlike constrictors. They inject their venom by biting the prey. Some snakes poison actually starts to digest the prey before it is in the snakes mouth. Snakes inject venom by means of two hollow teeth known as fangs. There are two types of poison, which are called neurotoxins and haemotoxins. Neurotoxins affect the nerves causing paralysis, and haemotoxins affect the blood causing internal bleeding. The fastest type of these two is the neurotoxin, because it causes respiratory failure.
There is only one poisonous snake in Great Britain, (but not in Ireland), the adder, and it is not very dangerous, but it still bites several people every year. Itís poison is a haemotoxin. I have a newspaper clipping of a woman who was bitten by an adder at the back of the project.

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