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Types of bear
Chloe - my bear


I chose bears because I like pandas and sun bears. I really wanted to do my project on them so I did it on bears.

There is so much info to write down so I am going to have extra info at the back of the book. The family of bears name is Ursidae. The males name is boars, females is sow and their young are cubs. Usually they live to a good age of 25 or 40 years

Bears are mammals that have large stocky bodies, powerful limbs, dense fur and a short stumpy tail. They have a long head with round ears that stand straight up also they have small eyes and a long snout. A bearís eyesight is probably as good as a humans but they have a great sense of hearing and an excellent sense of smell. They use these senses to hunt for food.

Bears are classified as carnivorous, but most have become omnivores except Polar bears, which eat mainly seals. Other bears eat plants, fruits, nuts, insects, fish, birds and different sized mammals.

All bears have five sharp claws, which they use to climb trees to find food.


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