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Types of bear
Chloe - my bear


1 How do sloth bears get termites out of logs?Click for answer
2 Which bears spend nearly all day eating or sleeping?
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3 Which bear is the world’s smallest type of bear?
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4 Which bear is the world’s largest carnivore?
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5 Which bears are found in South America?
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6 Which bear is sometimes called the moon bear?
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7 Which bears give birth to twins?
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8 How many different types of bear are there?
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9 What are white American Black Bears called
?Click for answer
10 Which species of bear are Grizzlies?
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How did you score?

  • 8-10    Excellent you must know as much as me
  • 5-7     Good but you have a bit more to learn
  • 3-4     Fine but I would like you to try again
  • 0-2     I do not know if you read it or not but READ IT AGAIN!!

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