American black bear


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Types of bear
Chloe - my bear


American black bears are like all the other bears we have written about so far in my project. Although they are usually black they can actually be brown, reddish brown or even white. The white ones are called Kermode or spirit bears.


An adult black bear can be 130 to 190 centimetres long and weigh 60 to 300 kilograms depending on how much food is available. Cubs at birth weigh 225 to 330 grams.


Black bears like forests in Mexico, the United States and Canada

"White" black bear or Spirit bear
Spirit bear


Black bears eat lots of different things depending on what they can find. They especially like insects and berries, but will sometimes hunt baby deer and baby moose. They would also catch salmonBlack bear with cubs in den


Cubs are usually born in January and February ina special den. There can be 5 to 6 cubs in a litter and they stay with their mum for one year and a half. In the wild they live up to 20 to 25 years. They usually have twins.

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