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Sloth bear

Sloth bears are quite small with long shaggy fur, which is usually black. Their nose is much lighter in colour and their nostrils can be closed or open. They have a distinctive chest patch, which is white or yellow fur in a U or Y shape.


Adults are around 150 to 190 centimetres long. Males are bigger than the females and they weigh 80 to 140 kilograms but females only weigh 55 to 95 kilograms Wow!


Sloth bears are mostly found in India and Sri Lanka, but can be found in Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. They live in forests and grassland. They donít like to live in wet places.


Sloth bears love eating termites. They have a special gap in their teeth to suck them up. They can stick out their lips to make a straw and you can hear the noise from over 100 metres awaySloth bear with cubs


They have their babies in winter. One or two are born in a special den and their mums stay in there with them for two or three months

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