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Types of bear
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Brown or Grizzly bearThe brown bear, also known as a grizzly in North America, is like the bears in Brother Bear. They are large and are usually a dark brown, but can be a creamy shade or black. They have long claws on their front paws and have a hump on their shoulders.


Their weight depends on the food available and it is a fact that bears can weigh twice as much in the autumn than in the spring. The male adults weigh 135 kilograms to 390 kilograms. Cubs at birth weigh 340 to 680 grams.


Brown bears occupy a wide range of places like in eastern and western Europe, Northern Asia, Japan, Northern America, western Canada, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington in forest areas and central plains in mountains and tundra.

Grizzly catching salmon in riverDiet

Brown bears eat mainly vegetation in spring but like salmon in summer and autumn and would hibernate in winter. The vegetation they eat is grass, sedge, bulbs and roots. In some places they also hunt moose, caribou and elk.

Grizzly with cub



The cubs are born from January to March and remain with their mums for two and a half years. They can have one to four cubs, but twins are the most common

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