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Types of bear
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Sun bear showing characteristic chest patchThe sun bear is the smallest member of the bear family. Adults are round about 120 too 150 centimetres tall and they weigh 27 to 65 kilograms.

Sun bears are easy to spot with their short sleek black fur and unusual crescent shaped patch of yellow or white fur on their chest. Their paws are large with long curved pointed claws which are good for climbing trees.


Sun bears are found in lowland tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. Experts think they sleep in trees (Not the experts silly the bears!)


Sun bear at Belfast zooTheir diet is termites, small mammals, birds, growing tips of palm trees and nests of wild bees. This means sun bears are omnivores.


Sun bear cub in a treeThe mother bears give birth to one or two cubs. They each weigh about 325 grams. They probably stay with their mother until they are fully grown.

You can see sun bears at Belfast Zoo.

picture courtesy of Belfast Zoo

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