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Types of bear
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Polar bears are immediately recognisable because of their distinctive white colour of fur. They have a longer head and neck than all the other bears but have quite small ears. They have very big front paws, which are great for swimming. Their feet have special skin underneath which helps them walk on ice without slipping.

Polar bear walking across iceSize

Polar bears are the world’s biggest carnivore. The adult males can grow to more than 800 kilograms. Wow, that’s big! Females are about half the size of the males and are 190 to 200 centimetres long. The males are about 250 centimetres long. Cubs weigh 600 to 700 grams when they are born


Polar bears live on the ice that floats on the sea in the Arctic Circle, although they can be found quite far south in Canada.

Polar bear with cubCubs

Polar bears usually give birth to two cubs (twins) in winter. The babies stay with their mum for two and a half years. They normally only give birth every three years


Polar bears like to eat seals, although in the summer time, some berries and grass. They are the most carnivorous of all the bears.

There used to be a polar bear at Belfast Zoo, but it was unhappy so they sent it to another zoo, where they thought it would have a better life.

I have a nice snozzel?

Polar bear resting

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